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Are you unable to access your car due to lost keys? Losing the car keys have now become a common situation as most of the individuals often leave their home or office in a hurry. This hurry leads to misplacing or losing the car keys that is one of the stressful and frustrating situation. If you are one who has experienced this situation a lot of times, don’t worry as there are still many ways to access a vehicle without keys. For sure, a spare key or an automotive locksmith can save our day and even hassles.

Some ways to prevent losing the car keys are:

  1. Stay active and alert:Prevention is better than cure is a true phrase that implies here. To avoid being falling victim to a lockout, its better to remain ensured about carrying keys. If you own a pre-owned car, get a duplicate copy of the key from an auto lock technician. Always have access to a duplicate key by storing it inside your wallet or bag.
  2. Store the keys in sight: Once you reach your office or home, place the keys at such a place from where you can remember picking them up. Install a key holder on the wall and store the key inside it to prevent it from misplacing. Purchase a keyring with bells that ring every time your keys fall on the ground, thereby alerting you on time.
  3. Keep a spare key: An easy way to prevent being falling victim to a locked out of car situation, have access to spare keys. Make sure you keep one key in your home and one at a secure place in office to deal with the lost keys. You can also prefer giving one spare key to your closest friend who can assist you in an emergency situation.
  4. Make a checklist: Make a checklist of the items you need to carry while leaving from home or office. Paste this checklist on the wall and go through it every time before leaving. This checklist will not only remind you about carrying the car keys but also some other essentials.

These are some of the proven ways that should be followed to prevent losing the car keys. If you are looking for an emergency locksmith to deal with lock repairs or lockout situation, feel free to consult our lock experts at Professional Locksmith.

Professional locksmith

Professional locksmith

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