5 Common Reasons Behind Your Jammed Lock

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It’s daunting to handle a jammed lock as it can cause to miss the work and make you late to perform other daily activities. If we talk about the reasons behind the jammed door, then they are countless which might happen due to own improper care and attention. Depending upon the cause, some of the defaults can be handled by own and some need a professional assistance. For the complex situations which come with the jammed lock, one can hire a locksmith and replace it permanently.

Following are the few possible causes behind the jammed door lock:

  • Rust: It is the most common reason behind the jammed locked which usually occurs due to its aging signs. A rust arises when lock comes in contact with the other elements. One can solve this problem by lubricating the rusted part or replace it with the help of a professional locksmith.
  • Frozen: Behind the jammed lock, it is just another reason which usually happens due to cold temperature in winters. One can fix this problem either by hiring a nearby locksmith or by performing few DIY methods. One can make use of a blow dryer to heat the jammed lock and get it into working condition.
  • Dirt: Our lack of maintenance allows the lock to get jammed. Due to irregular cleaning, it’s common for the lock to get jammed due to the buildup of dirt. By simply lubricating the lock’s part, one can remove the dirt.
  • Misalignment: A misalignment is might be the reason behind the jammed lock which prevents the lock to open and close properly. To get the problem solve, it’s better to hire a locksmith for the overall diagnosis of the jammed lock.
  • Broken Key: A broken key inside the lock can jam the lock to open. In order to remove the broken piece of key, a skilled locksmith can help you better.

If you are able to see these few signs going with your jammed lock, then never overlook them and get them repair instantly. For serious lock jams, you can call our experts at Professional Locksmith.

Professional locksmith

Professional locksmith

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