Medeco X4

Medeco X4 – Right Solution for Apartments & Multi-family Homes

Every premises requires a decent level of security which can increase depending on the value attached to the property. A secure facility, both interior and exterior, is ideal setting for a family to live or a business to flourish. Patented key control and high security locks are key to achieving this goal. It is this feature of Medeco X4 that allows security managers to have a sigh of relief while managing the premises.

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When it comes to integrating high security with unique manufacturing and patented solutions, Medeco X4 leads the way. The best part is that we achieve it in an economical sense as well. Being the most efficient and economical solution, Medeco X4 offers the most diverse master key capabilities currently available in the market. So, facility mangers can bring all the security key facets under one roof. From ease of maintenance to convenience and safety, Medeco X4 delivers the most value for money. Most importantly, it can be retrofitted into the current security systems ensuring minimum displacement and low installation time.

Medeco X4 is the perfect security upgrade for small format interchangeable core (SFIC) installations for Best-style, Prox and iClass systems. In addition to SFIC cylinders, Medeco X4 is also available in many other styles of retrofit cylinders and can be keyed into a single system.

  • Patented Key Control: Forget about key duplication issues. Experience peace of mind with Protects against unauthorized duplication of your keys.
  • Compatible With Existing Hardware: Medeco X4 can be installed with existing hardware and can be master-keyed into the current system. A full range of retrofit cylinder formats can be used using a single system, including SFIC.
  • Easily Masterkeyed: Offered in the SFIC range, this can be installed with other cylinder formats and can be masterkeyed together. This reduces the need to replace your current hardware.
  • Fast Core Change: Medeco’s X4 SFIC offers fast and easy cylinder changes in case the keys are stolen or lost.

Medeco® X4 is the right solution for multi-family homes and rent buildings. Even places with high employee footfall including convenience stores, restaurants and other small businesses. Its also an ideal solution for schools, hospitals, office buildings and apartments where key duplication is required often.

Our condo locksmith Toronto excels in Medeco X4 installation.

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