Security Cameras

At Professional Locksmith, we provide sales, installation and repairs of security cameras. Throughout Toronto and GTA, we have installed cameras on various premises – commercial and residential. Our team has extensive experience in installing security cameras, cabling, DVR and more.

Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes offering numerous features and technologies. We always study client requirements and recommend suitable products. Our cameras feature various lenses, resolutions, night vision and infrared LEDs. Most common CCTV cameras include D1, 960H, TVI, AHD, CVI and IP.

  • Security CCTV Cameras Increased Vigilance
  • Nanny Security Cameras
  • Spy/Hidden Security Cameras
  • Security Cameras Video Movement Activity Alert
  • Digital Video Recorder ( DVR ) Software
  • Security Cameras Standard Installation
  • Security Camera Automation Enabled

Why Install Security Cameras?

Surveillance equipment such as security cameras can greatly help in securing your premises. Whether it is your business or home, we have the right solutions for you.

  • Security cameras are the first line of defense for increased vigilance on your property.
  • The very sight of cameras and DVR system deters many thieves from making any foolish break-in attempts.
  • You can manage your property from any location even thousands of miles away over the Internet.
  • You can check suspicious activity without being in the harm’s way.
  • Even if a theft occurs, these cameras will provide the suitable evidence to assist in investigation.
  • They can work in combination with access control to increase security quotient.

Security Camera Features

IP Security Cameras – Always Stay on the Scene

These are ideal for remote control operation through Internet. They can transfer HD videos of up to 1080p resolution. Some cameras can also transfer 5MP videos over high speed Internet. You can always view your premises through mobile, tablet or laptop. A single Cat5 cable can be used to transfer audio and video.

Security Camera Resolutions – Choose Your Security Level

As far as resolutions is concerned, various options are available. From 420TVL to 480TVL or 600TVL, we have the best cameras as per client’s requirements. It is often recommended that you choose a good high resolution picture for obvious reasons. We also deal in HD-IP, HD-TVI, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, and HD-AHD security cameras. In digital frontier, we have 720p, 1080p and even high resolutions for commercial purposes.

Infrared Security Cameras – No Day or Night Limitations

Infrared LEDs near the lens ensure that you capture the scene perfectly in both day and night. High LED strength ratings delivers more clarity. High end cameras can illuminate up to 50 m. Bullet cameras perform better night duties compared to dome cameras.

What does a Security Camera Installation Include?

  • Computer-based security camera systems
  • Digital video recording (DVR)
  • Live Streaming (Internet online viewing)
  • Video Motion detection
  • High-speed tilt and pan options
  • Color display monitors
  • Video mulitplexers
  • Built-in auto-focus zoom lens
  • Enhanced Night-Vision Capabilities
  • Local Area Network (LAN) video system

Monitor Your Home/Business from Anywhere?

Install CCTV cameras to get anytime peace of mind!