Automatic Door Openers

Automatic Door Openers in Toronto, Mississauga & Brampton

Don’t let that swing door be a “Dead End”- Consider door automation and welcome Everyone into your space with one of our door opener systems.

Our automatic door opener ADA unit will hold the door open and our door closer will close the door once it reaches the designated time limit. A closed door can be opened manually without resistance of any type using this commercially rated swing door operator.

The residential automatic door opener will open and close any door as the arm is permanently attached so this swing door opener is best for applications where the door will be used as a remote control door the majority of the time. Both our handicap door openers offer freedom for disabled people but choosing the correct model will directly affect how well it will perform for you over the years.

We provide automatic door openers in major GTA cities including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Aurora, New Market and Brantford.

Experience Complete Independence

At the touch of a button, the automatic door opener gives complete independence to enter and exit a residential or public / light commercial door (which can be for an elevator or lift or a gate). This professional grade disabled access system unlatches a locked door, then opens, pauses and closes it – all automatically. This remote controlled door opener can be operated with a variety of wheelchair mounted remote controls, wall push pads and other specialty controls customized to accommodate almost any physical disability.

Attractive Design

Our ADO systems are attractive, unobtrusive and designed specifically for the demands of the home environment. Our operators come in three fabulous powder coated finishes – silver metallic, off-white, and bronze, as well as stainless steel (new). The silver color will still be available for a short time as it is being replaced by the stainless steel finish.

Power or Manual Operation

Our door systems offer unique conveniences in operation. A door can be controlled with a remote control door opening device or operated manually. Unlike some other door opening devices, our systems is completely smooth in operation and feel. There is no clicking, friction and/or resistance when opening and closing the door. The door moves freely and can be left open or ajar for pets, repeated passage or for ventilation.

Optional Controls

We also offer remote controls that can be connected to specialty switches and wheelchair controls. The ADO system can be customized with a wide range of activation devices such as wall push pads, home control systems and other environmental controls. Please contact us for expert consultation to find a way to accommodate any range of disability.

Why Choose Us?
  • 24/7 Service
    We operate 24/7. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you got locked out, we are here to help.
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    We have a quick response time that means you will never be locked out for long.
  • Free Estimate
    We offer a free estimate about the work involved, before undertaking any service.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
    We have the latest collection in rekeying and key duplicating equipment.
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